Stoppen Sie die Fahrt! – That’s German for, “STOP THE RIDE!”

Before we go any further, please watch this:

Courtesy: euronews

Anybody else feel kinda dirty after watching that? Right away something seemed off — is that what I think it is? Kinda looks like a swas….…….before one can realistically confirm any suspicion(s) regarding foul play, the video cuts away. We are then shown some other attractions in the Tatzmania park, in the town of Löffingen, Germany — roller coasters and wildlife, including freakin’ lions, await visitors. But after a few seconds, the camera returns to the ominous structure from the beginning of the video, now high in the sky:

Chris Sale Sport GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY


Am I witnessing swirling swastikas?


Manufactured in Italy, the structure features two separate ends, each with four eagle-shaped cars spanning outwards from the centre. When in motion, it cuts deep. Really deep.

To its credit, the park has reacted swiftly since the video went viral, shutting the ride down and vowing to alter the design. Codenamed Eagle’s Flight, the design modifications will see each spinning end outfitted with three cars rather than four which will make it look less like a Nazi windmill.

How this ride made it through all stages of design without anybody raising their hand to point out what we all now know to be a MAJOR miscalculation is beyond me…nobody thought to bring it up at a staff meeting? Seriously, how did no drawing highlight this ode to Hitler? And then, if the symbol wasn’t a big enough kick in the dick, the name given to the ride is Eagle’s Flight. Nazis loved eagles, but not bald ones. The superior race had no time for hairless infidels.

All this to say, I’m glad the park has been hasty in its reaction. No longer will families be unloading joy-filled screams while whipping around on a Hitler logo, certainly a step in the right direction for us humans. Bravo.

Now how bout we do something about those fires in the Amazon?

Aug 2, 2019 – Look away...nothing to see here 'cept for a swirling swastika peering out from a behind a tree. Now come to Tatzmania and "Let yourself be surprised."

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