Night King’s Estate Threatens Legal Action, Claims Team Living Intentionally Left Arya Off Official Battle Roster

Sources also claim the now deceased leader of the Dead Army is questioning the battle eligibility of Arya’s weapon, claiming her dagger made of Valyrian steel a.k.a. kryptonite for blue-eyed folk was not registered in her name at the time the Battle of Winterfell commenced. If true, it would make the dagger ineligible for use in an officially sanctioned battle. Word on the street is the dagger still legally belongs to Petyr Baelish.

When reached for comment, Lady Sansa confirmed an internal investigation was already underway as to why proper battle etiquette was not followed for such a high-profile event. As of now, no charges have been filed, but legal experts predict the Night King’s next of kin will take legal action in the coming days, as they are unlikely to accept the eventual results of Team Living’s investigation into the matter.




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