Halftime performances now challengeable

Said Roger Goodell — “These rule changes will improve the on-field product of the National Football League, it’s that simple. We don’t want fans, players, coaches, or officials having to live with the pain of a missed or blown call, so we’ve decided, starting next season, everything that is (and isn’t) is reviewable.”

“The [New Orleans] Saints skinned their knee and the league decided to amputate…”

– Kyle Brandt, about NFL’s decision to make PI penalties reviewable

Goodell continued – “Also, it worth mentioning that the scope of these rule changes is broad and not only limited to football plays; these new directives will also govern the actions of halftime performers. Botched and/or lazy choreography on the part of non-football entertainers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. In the event of such transgressions, the league will mandate that performers return to the stage and make it perfect, because, at the end of the day, that’s what our fans deserve…perfection and nothing less.”

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