Report: Twitter knows all your dirty, dirty secrets


Kevin Hart steps down as Oscar Host – “The social platform holds a whole lot of dirt on you, including stuff from times that were very much different than where we find ourselves today. This reality affords the most cunning of enemies total access to your shit. Today, old tweets and joke material shouldn’t be as damning as they are, considering the time and climate they were shared in originally, but for whatever reason, people still feel compelled to police this type of shit,” were the words taken from a longer statement released by Hart’s team following the comedian’s decision to remove himself from the stage. It was later discovered that this statement never actually existed, though maybe it did.

When asked whether he’d consider hosting in the future, the oober popular stand-up comic said he wasn’t sure. Hart instead wants to focus on his core business.

“I don’t know, man. I think the way all this went down might have told me all I need to know about where the Academy stands on this issue. I’ve said all I need to say about this whole thing. I’m now just looking forward to writing some new jokes and selling out motherf*cking football stadiums, son.”

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