CNN’s Jim Acosta probably should’ve just grabbed that intern by the pu**y

Said Acosta – “President Trump, like all who served before him, has an obligation to be truthful and transparent with the American people. All I wanted was for him to answer questions that I myself, along with my employer, deemed appropriate and applicable to our present-day circumstances. Whether it’s tax reform, healthcare, combating climate change, gun control, the opioid crisis, or dealing with the caravan of ‘invaders’ marching towards America’s wall-less border, this President has a lot in his bucket. That said, if Donald Trump, a famous and self-proclaimed good looking guy, can grab women by their pussies without consequence then perhaps that’s what I should’ve done when that young lady approached me. After all, I’m Jim Acosta, CNN’s Chief White House correspondent…it’s clear from the video that she wanted the mic which, in journalism circles, means something very different. No part of me was hoping to cause her pain and I stand by my original claim of uninterrupted innocence.”

CNN has yet to put a timeline on Acosta’s return but its chief WH correspondent remains committed to clearing his name and is reportedly taking his suspension “one day at a time”.



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