BREAKING: Robots now able to laugh

Kawhi Leonard laughed. (Yeah, so what?) — Humans laugh all the time, though some could stand to do so more often if I’m being honest.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?

Leonard isn’t human.

Asked a question that surprisingly elicited a knee-slap worthy response, the impossible-to-deny product of Skynet was unable to go into details regarding his mental makeup unless specific questions were asked of them…classic robot behaviour!

But thanks to the internet, the “Kawhi Laugh” will live on forever and marks a critical milestone in human innovation — AI coders can now program robots to laugh, albeit in painfully awkward fashion.

Humans are gonna fuck this up: our curiosity always gets us in trouble. If robots deem us to be unnecessary burdens in their developing agenda, I assume our demise will be live streamed on social media, a platform already infiltrated by bad intentioned bots. Some next-gen beings are sure to laugh at what they see. It’s the robot equivalent of human beings watching hours upon hours of YouTube videos featuring nature’s most accomplished predators repeatedly killing their preferred prey.

Still, the CHUCKLE button needs work if we’re to go by the Leonard — codename Klaw —exhibition yesterday.

Human or not, just bring an NBA title to Toronto, please and thank you.

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