Arby’s doesn’t need help f*cking up its future!

The Smoking Gun – Ooooooooooook, so things got a bit dicey in the burbs of Minneapolis recently when an Arby’s pylon sign had its letters rearranged.

Now, ordinarily, I’m all for a classic “FREE Roast Beef and Dong combos! Cum inside for details” prank promo, or perhaps something like “Why are you coming here to eat? You know this is Arby’s, right?!” — but what this 19-year old assclown did was, as Walter Sobchak would say…


Usindini Colling-Harper was bored, waiting for the city bus when he noticed the restaurant sign above him…Arby’s was hiring. Oh, if only this story ended with Colling-Harper being hired as the franchise’s newest assistant manager — yeah, not so much.

Rather than give the struggling chain the honourable and uninterrupted death it deserves, Colling-Harper, upon noticing the hiring message, elected to put his own unique spin on the restaurant’s external call for help.

Warning  – Some (probably all) will be offended by the below image…


Mmmmmmhmmm…………nope, your eyes do not deceive you. It really does say “NOW HIRING NIGGERS AND WHORES” – The well-known, but not-so-well reviewed purveyors of meat do not need help authoring their own demise!

The photo clearly shows this was an act committed under the cover of darkness, and the report indicates it wasn’t until roughly 7am when a patrolman noticed the sign and “immediately removed the message,” before calling the police. I know the streets ain’t exactly lit in the middle of the night, but nobody cared to phone this shit in until the morning?

It gets dumber…

The image was first posted by Colling-Harper’s girlfriend. According to her, he did it cause he thought it was “funny”. In 2018, it’s demonically comical how dumb and out-of-touch some people are (and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of mulligan moments but this is some next-level stupidity). It’s insane for somebody to think of doing something like this…even more insane to follow through on it…but to compound it by sharing it on social media?!?!?! — HEY EVERYONE, LOOK HOW RACIST I AM?! #funny

Think — Do — Share…the racist hat-trick.

It’s ironic that once the dust settles, the only place this bozo will find work will be with a company who, concerned whether they’ll even open their doors tomorrow, may relax hiring practices and make an exception for a man of poor taste…kinda sounds like Arby’s, doesn’t it? Though I doubt U-C-H will be wrapping roast beef sandys anytime soon after openly tampering with their recruitment strategy.

I’ll give Usindini a small bit of credit, in that he is unquestionably resourceful and a capable problem solver — when a friend asked what the sign said before the unsolicited copy edits were implemented, The U explained: “Idk it some like now hiring managers and sum else…I got letters from the other side of the sign.”

In the midst of a stupid, character-scarring mission, “U” showed the ability to think on his feet…kudos for that.

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