News-hungry Facebook user completely in the dark after being inundated by 9/11 tribute posts

“As I do every day after work, I logged into my account expecting to see a collection of relevant-to-me news stories. Instead, I was forced to scroll tirelessly, at least seven or eight aggressive two-finger swipes of my touchpad, forced to wade through a plethora of posts addressing the 17-year anniversary of 9/11. I hope everyone that took time out of their busy schedules to share sentiments is happy because, as a result of your unwavering compassion, undeniable patriotism, and elephant-like memory, I have no effing clue what is actually happening in the world today.”

“All I keep thinking about are bald eagles and firefighters,” explained Gus Peterman, some guy who lives in New York, and may in fact not be a person at all.

Meanwhile, in the present-day, the New York Jets trounced the Detroit Lions yesterday on Monday Night Football…NOT A TYPO! The Jets won a football game!!!!!! The day before the 9/11 anniversary. Coincidence? I think not. Hell, some Jets defenders claimed of knowing what plays Detroit was calling before they ran them!

And I was, for the longest time, a total non-believer in divine intervention.


#NeverForget (when the Jets smashed the Lions, thanks to great game planning and perhaps a little help from above as well…)



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