Louis C.K. drops by sperm clinic; draws mixed reviews

While some guests were visibly happy to see the comedian out and about living life, others were surprised that Louis lacked the wherewithal to, at the very least, call and book an appointment. Some even recommended the comedian seek a friend’s opinion before venturing out in public.

“It’s still too early. You can’t just be showing up somewhere unannounced. Maybe ask a friend or something? — It’s been less than a year since everything came out. Nobody learns that fast,” explained high school drama teacher, Bruce Weiner.

Mr. Weiner was in the waiting room when L.C.K. first entered the clinic.

Given Louis’ ability to judge a room, the should be parole-bound comedian sensed a collective annoyance among patients, stemming from long wait times. As a result, he offered to share a room to help speed things up.

“We appreciate the gesture from Mr. C.K., but such acts of kindness are not permitted at the present moment,” explained a clinic spokeswoman –

“However, we do encourage patients to support and encourage one another every step of the way. For some, this can be a very difficult experience.”

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