NFL Shield

Five Super Bowl Thoughts

  • In a game that saw over 1,000 yards of total offense put up and only one punt, I think we can all agree that football is at its best when offense is the star of the show. All game long, both teams marched up and down the field, and while some defensive minded purists were pulling out their last remaining hairs, the rest of us were on the edge of our seats for 60 minutes. This was truly a phenomenal game to watch and anybody that had chosen to boycott the NFL, for whatever reason, undoubtedly wished they’d tuned in for this one.


  • MAKE A PLAY – it’s a phrase heard so often in every sport. In football, it’s thrown around quite liberally, especially in key situations. All game long, the offenses made plays (both averaging more than 7.5 yards per play!).Nobody thought the Eagles could win this game with their D-Line being shut out for 57 minutes. And yet, they would eventually seal it when Brandon Graham made a play, sacking (and stripping) Tom Brady just before the two-minute warning. It was the only sack of the game. A game so much about the offense was won with timely defense.


  •  Malcolm Butler, Super Bowl hero of times past, did not play a single defensive snap in SBLII (and nobody really knows why, and quite possibly never will)…Regardless of what you may or may not think to be the reason, Butler’s presence would have done little to solve what ailed the Patriots defense. All night long, New England’s front seven was decimated by the Eagles’ run-pass option offense. It became painstakingly clear early that the linebackers were a step slow and didn’t have the mobility to contend with what Philadelphia was throwing at them – shocking when you consider one of them is 39-year old James Harrison. A mastermind of adjustments most days, Belichick wasn’t able to find a remedy for Doug Pederson’s dynamic offensive play-calling on this day.


  • Brady was phenomenal…both defenses were sliced up like butter…the special teams were iffy early. All relevant talking points, but this game was about Nick Foles. First, this guy was as good as gone only a few years ago, contemplating retirement. Instead, he hung around, waiting for his next opportunity. When MVP candidate Carson Wentz went down, it appeared as though Philadelphia’s Lombardi dreams had gone down with him. Enter Nick Foles – we were all talking about how lost he looked, doubting him play after play, week after week…well, now we all look like the idiots. Foles was remarkable throughout the playoffs, finishing with a 115.7 rating in three contests. Regardless of where your football allegiances reside, the story of Nick Foles should bring a smile to your face – and he even caught a TD pass for the cherry on top!


  • Ending on a non-football note – Anybody still stewing over the Prince hologram, GET OVER IT! Possessing more talent than 99.9% of earths inhabitants, Prince was not without his own major flaws. Overdosing on fentanyl at the age of 57 disqualifies you from producing Super Bowl half-time shows. Timberlake was sensational, the game itself was magnificent, and the tribute to Prince was legendary (and free of exposed breasts)…just be happy people!

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