This is all Horsesh*t: Remembering the true meaning of sport and who the real enemy is…

(I’m not usually a politics guy, but I wanted to write a short piece on my thoughts surrounding the Trump-NFL/Sports feud and what’s been lost in all the chaos)


Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed…and Donald Trump continues to parade around the country, treating the Office of the President as if it were the set of Celebrity Apprentice. If only we could vote to have them swap places — a vote decided by actual numbers instead of an outdated system, infused with years of gerrymandering warfare.

By now, most are familiar with the ideals of Kap and Putin’s Puppet. One stands for equal rights and freedoms for all, the other is the current President of the United States.

The commander-in-chief claims to be a supporter of peaceful protest, calling it a “hallmark of democracy” the day after his inauguration, yet Colin Kaepernick continues to be oppressed, kept from NFL employment for his involvement in a democratic hallmark. A middle tier quarterback — capable of starting for countless teams in a QB STARVED league — surely this wouldn’t be the response if Kap was a top-5 player?  Sit there and tell me Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr. would receive the same treatment…

Kap is a son of a bitch. Trump is a powerful Neo-Nazi, not to be confused with a “very fine person”.

Both live in the so-called “Land of the Free, and Home of the Brave…”


By now, nothing Trump says or does should come as a surprise, apart from perhaps instituting policy(ies) fuelled by sound rational and progressive thought.

Not alone, he continues denying climate change. It seemed to irk him when he had to condemn violent Nazi protests in Charlottesville, VA. In his visit to Houston following Hurricane Harvey, Trump focused more on crowd size and turn-out rather than helping and coordinating relief efforts.

Most recently, he’s taken aim at NFL players kneeling during the anthem, something he claims signals a blunt disapproval of the military and flag it fights for.

What’s lost in the recent remarks from President Trump and the subsequent reactions is the REAL reason why all of the kneeling began — Neither Colin Kaepernick or anybody kneeling is intent on disrespecting the military or the flag for which they fight. Nobody is disregarding the idea of patriotism and the many forms it comes in. All glory to the military has long been the American way. But patriotism comes in many forms and that’s a concept lost on many, most notably Donald Trump.

This movement has always been about bringing awareness to a truly unfortunate and disgusting fact in American civil relations: Racial injustice and inequality. It’s never been about the military, it’s never been about Trump (Kaepernick knelt long before he became President). It’s about America living up to its vow and promise to provide the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities to ALL its citizens.

And quite frankly, it continues to fall horribly short on that promise.

It wasn’t until recently that white players began participating in the peaceful demonstrations prior to games. The topic still leaves the majority of white folks paralyzed with confusion and discomfort. Correct me if I’m wrong but discomfort, confusion, and uncertainty are almost always precursors to real lasting change.

On the heels of an NFL Sunday that saw many players, coaches, and even owners unite in response to Trump’s comments in Alabama, sports has become a fully politicized monster. Fans and everyone alike having to choose sides — Stand or $hit on the flag.

(check out Jerry Jones here — more interested in the cause or camera?).

The Golden State Warriors opted to stay away from Trump whereas the opportunity to decline would’ve taken hockey players out of their proverbial “comfort zone” so they elected to accept the invite. In regular times, I wouldn’t take issue with the Penguins decision but their handling of this in a period of such tension and divide is putrid to put it mildly. Hockey still has so far to come in certain areas.

All I want people to understand is who the true enemy is in all of this. It’s not Colin Kaepernick. It’s not any single player, coach, or owner electing to kneel prior to, and/or during the anthem. The anthem is not the issue, but rather the vehicle being used to raise awareness about the REAL ISSUE. These individuals are patriots, trying to hold America accountable for what its claims to provide all its citizens.

The real enemy is a man who condones racism, bigotry, and whose morale compass is so flawed, he’s turned Roger Goodell into the babyface (wrestling term). A man who condones neo-nazi violence — THEY HAD A PERMIT — but can’t stomach peaceful displays of protest by black athletes calling for change — NO PERMIT? WAS THAT THE ISSUE?

For me, and most, I hope the NFL and other leagues can help continue the conversation around the problems with America. They go far deeper than the Oval Office occupant.

Sticking to Sports has always been the goal, but in times like these, sports can be the true equalizer against an evil powerful foe.

It has a power very few things in this world possess — and it’s why Trump seeks to disarm and cripple it.


Below is a link to an ESPN piece telling the story of Colin Kaepernick & Nate Boyer. Boyer is a former Green Beret and Seattle Seahawks long snapper. Following a conversation with Boyer, Kaepernick decided to modify his demonstration, electing to take a knee rather than sitting during the anthem. 

From a Seat to a Knee: The Kaepernick-Boyer Story

Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the idea of “PAID PATRIOTISM”, please check out this article on the NFL’s experience with it

VICE SPORTS: Stephen A. Smith on Paid Patriotism



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